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本文摘要:GoPro plans to expand its international distribution to include China this year, reducing its reliance on the US market, after a record launch for its new Hero 4 action cameras over the holiday period.今年,可穿着运动摄像机厂商GoPro计划不断扩大其分销网络、将中国市场涵括在内,从而减少对美国市场的倚赖。

GoPro plans to expand its international distribution to include China this year, reducing its reliance on the US market, after a record launch for its new Hero 4 action cameras over the holiday period.今年,可穿着运动摄像机厂商GoPro计划不断扩大其分销网络、将中国市场涵括在内,从而减少对美国市场的倚赖。此前,该公司在假日期间公布的新款Hero 4运动照相机获得了创纪录的销售业绩。In an interview at the Consumer Electronics Show, Nick Woodman, GoPro’s chief executive, pictured right, said he was also enthusiastic about the potential for emerging technologies such as drones and virtual reality to drive more sales of its compact, robust cameras.在国际消费电子展(CES)上拒绝接受专访时,GoPro首席执行官尼克伍德曼(Nick Woodman)回应,他还对一件事情很感兴趣,那就是想到若无有可能用无人机和虚拟现实等新兴技术提升该公司灵活结实的照相机的销量。


“We had the best new product introduction we ever had in the history of the company with the Hero 4 line,” said Mr Woodman. “We are very pleased with how the fourth quarter was going.”伍德曼回应:“我们针对Hero 4系列举办了公司有史以来伟大的新产品推介。我们对去年第四季度的展现出十分失望。

”At a show where GoPros on “selfie sticks” were ubiquitous, Mr Woodman was mobbed by fans at the company’s CES stand in the Las Vegas Convention Centre. That enthusiasm for what Mr Woodman calls GoPro’s “rock-star brand” has kept it ahead of rival action cameras from the likes of Sony.在一个装有着GoPro产品的“自拍电影篮”随处可见的展出中,伍德曼被车站在拉斯维加斯会展中心(Las Vegas Convention Centre)该公司CES展台处的粉丝团团围住。人们对这款被伍德曼称作GoPro“明星品牌”的产品热情很高,它也因此将索尼(Sony)等竞争对手公司的运动照相机甩在了身后。

“Every year [at CES] we see different companies with GoPro-like offerings,” he said. “Pretty much everybody else is just making hardware — they are making a cold, hard thing. They are not creating an experience or an end-to-end solution like we are at GoPro.”伍德曼说道:“每年(在CES上),我们都会看见有所不同公司获取类似于GoPro的产品。在相当大程度上,其他所有企业都只是在生产‘硬件’——他们生产的是冷冰冰、硬邦邦的东西。他们不像我们GoPro这样,在打造出一种体验或一种端对端的解决方案。


”The Silicon Valley-based company is now working to develop its editing and distribution tools for customers, which Mr Woodman hopes will help to increase the number of videos that are shared on social networks such as YouTube and Facebook, providing free marketing for the brand.目前,这家总部派驻硅谷的公司正在为其客户研发编辑及公布工具。伍德曼期望,这类工具能有助减少共享在YouTube和Facebook等社交网络上的视频数量,从而为其品牌获取免费的营销。Part of GoPro’s pitch to Wall Street as it prepared to go public seven months ago was that it could also use that content to become a media company itself.7个月前筹划公开发表上市时,GoPro在向华尔街不作点评时曾提及,该公司有可能还不会利用这些内容将自身打造出为媒体公司。

While the revenue from advertising or licensing remains “nascent”, Mr Woodman said distribution deals with platforms such as Microsoft’s Xbox and, through a new deal announced this week, LG’s internet-connected TV sets were already boosting camera sales.尽管广告或许可证收益仍正处于“兴起阶段”,但伍德曼称之为,与微软公司(Microsoft) Xbox和LG互联网电视机等平台达成协议的分销协议早已在提振照相机的销售。GoPro是在本周才宣告与Xbox达成协议了一项新的协议。“It’s a bit like Disney’s model where they produce blockbuster movies to go sell merchandise, cruises and theme park tickets,” he said. “It’s important to recognise the similarities in those models.”“这类似于迪士尼(Disney)的模式,他们生产大片来销售商品、航游以及主题公园门票,”他说道,“辨识出有这些模式中的相似之处很最重要。

”However, while Disney is a globally recognised brand, more than half of GoPro’s sales come from its home country of the US. With the global consumer electronics market forecast to grow just 1 per cent this year, GoPro is looking to expand its international footprint.然而,迪士尼是一个全球知名品牌,而GoPro逾一半的销售额来自美国本土。考虑到今年全球消费电子市场预计将仅有快速增长1%,GoPro期望扩展其国际业务。“People shouldn’t confuse the pace of the success domestically with a lack of opportunity internationally,” Mr Woodman said. “It’s just that we are behind from a channel development relative to the US...There’s so much low-hanging fruit there.”“人们不不应指出GoPro在美国国内大获得顺利解释其在国际上缺乏机会,”伍德曼说道,“我们在国际上的渠道建设领先于在美国的,仅此而已……美国市场上更容易摘取的浆果实在太多。

”He said that was likely to include China later in 2015. “We have several indications that we have every opportunity to succeed in China, that our go-to-market strategy should work over there,” he said. “Time will tell but we are optimistic.”他回应,GoPro很可能会在2015年晚些时候将中国市场涵括进去。他说道:“一些迹象表明,我们有充份的机会在中国取得成功,我们的市场转入(go-to-market)战略在那里也应该不会奏效。时间不会解释一切,但我们的态度是悲观的。


”However, he said that GoPro would not rush into the world’s largest electronics market. “One thing that we’ve learned is it’s more important to arrive prepared and in force with a great brand presentation than to just hurry up and arrive,” he said. “We would rather take our time and introduce the brand properly.”不过,伍德曼称之为GoPro会匆忙转入这个全球仅次于的电子市场。“我们明白,带着强劲的品牌展出有打算、有效率地转入比匆匆忙忙地转入更有意义,”他说道,“我们宁愿慢慢来,更佳地讲解我们的品牌。

”With the halls of CES filled with wearable devices, virtual reality headsets and consumer-operated drones, Mr Woodman believes GoPro can benefit as the industry looks beyond the smartphone for its next big source of growth.CES的大厅里四处都是可穿着式设备、虚拟现实耳机和消费者操纵的无人机。伍德曼坚信,随着整个行业将目光投向智能手机以外的产品,来找寻下一个最重要增长点,GoPro将不会借此获益。